Registration Forms now Available Online
Forms and payments can be sent to:

(January to March 2024)
January 8, 2024 - March 7,2024
Annual Carnival Preparation: March 18 , 2024 - April 5, 2024
If your child isn't participating in our Annual Skating Carnival their last day of Skating will be the week of March 11-14. 2024 

Online Registration: Parent & Tot Registration Form click here

Online Registration: CanSkate Registration Form click here

Please review the following documents:

Once you have review Skate Ontario Canada Policy. Please complete and sign the following documents: 

The Town of Bancroft has implemented a $100 Arena Service Charge. This charge is to be paid by every participating member and has been added on top of Bancroft Skating Club Registration fees 

**This Service Charge is for each member and not a family rate**
The Town of Bancroft and Carlo/Mayo Township have agreed to refund this Arena Service Charge to any member that pays taxes in these 2 areas. Please visit your town/township office and submit proof of payment in order to receive your refund. We are encouraging members from other townships to approach your local township office and discuss receiving a refund. 

CLICK HERE to find the, "Non-Resident User Fee Refund Form"
CLICK HERE to view "Town of Bancroft Arena Ice Surface Rental Contract" explaining Non-Resident User Fees on Page 2.